Some Benefits Of Taking Your Infant To A Chiropractor

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Many parents are choosing to take their infants to a chiropractor in the first year of life. This is for many reasons. A chiropractor does safe and effective adjustments on babies that help them heal from delivery, as well as encourage healthy functioning. Here are some benefits to taking your infant to a pediatric chiropractor, like Exelbert Chiropractic.

1. Correct Trauma From Delivery

Birth and delivery can be a beautiful bonding experience for both mom and baby, but it can also be traumatic. Many infants experience some sort of physical trauma on their bodies during delivery that can cause long-term problems. In fact, according to Bradburn, it is estimated that 90% of children experience some sort of head and spine trauma during a vaginal delivery. And 10% of those babies have serious trauma such as broken bones and other problems.

A chiropractor can help to heal those problems so that they don’t get worse as the child grows. This is why many children get an adjustment within the first week.

2. Strengthen the Spine

During the first year of life, the body is growing rapidly. This is the best time to really get the child the treatment that they need to encourage proper spine growth. The chiropractor can help to elongate the spine so that the child doesn’t have problems in the future.

As the child grows and becomes more mobile, their spine will take on different shapes such as a C curve, and then an S curve. This is because the baby has limited mobility and so they stay in similar positions throughout the entire day. Thus, in order to help them have a straight spine, you should take them to a chiropractor.

3. Encourage Proper Nerve Function

Another major benefit is the chiropractor can help to encourage the nervous system to function properly. There is extensive research done on the importance of babies and the nervous system, and chiropractics are on the forefront of this research. With a regular adjustment, the chiropractor will help the baby’s nervous system to be in better balance and to function better.

The Adjustment

Many people wonder if the adjustment is safe for babies. The adjustment is not like the adjustment that an adult would get where they “crack” the muscles and joints. Instead, they only apply a little pressure to the back, arms and legs. They help to stretch the baby and encourage the body to function normally. Bradburn says, in many cases the baby can lay on the mother’s stomach during the procedure to make them more comfortable. Thus, it is very safe and pain free for the baby. 

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