A Dentist in Des Moines Iowa for Gum Disease

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Gum disease is something that can start as early as the teenage years, and it can get bad quickly if the patient doesn’t seek professional help and treatment. Seeing a dentist in Des Moines Iowa on a regular basis, which would be once or twice throughout the year, can help patients detect oral health problems like gum disease in the earliest stages, and it can help them preserve their gums. The tissue in the gums is the only gum tissue you’ll ever have in your mouth, so it’s important to treat it with care, and to preserve it for as long as possible. There are many indicators of gum disease all patients can look for.

Oral Care

The first thing that all patients want to look for is bleeding when they’re doing basic oral care, like brushing their teeth and flossing the gums. If the gums are bleeding, and they become very store doing these things, this is a sign that gum disease may be present, even if it’s in the earliest stages. Not only is it present, but it also may be causing infections in the gums. If the gums burn when you use a rinsing agent, this means the tissue is open and exposed, and this also warns that gum disease may be present.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very common symptom of gum disease. The bacterium that accumulates on the teeth is going to release odors, and that is causing the bad breath. Other things that could increase this affect is being dehydrated, which causes dry mouth, not brushing regularly, and not going to dentist in Des Moines Iowa for cleanings. Bad breath can be related to other issues, but many patients that complain of constant bad breath have gingivitis.


People who can see yellow plaque buildup on their teeth or on the gums are putting their gums at risk of getting the disease. The decay that sits on the teeth is going to cause cavities. The cavities are eventually going to get into the root of the tooth, which is located in the gums. This can cause infection in the gums, and it can cause gum disease. If you can see decay build up near the gums, and on the gums, you’ll want to get to a dentist to get it removed, so it doesn’t eat at the enamel on the tooth, and at the gum tissue.

Health Conditions

Dental Assistant

A great dental assistant can make your experience that much better.

There are several health conditions that can also increase your chances of having gum disease, and if your dentist in Des Moines Iowa thinks you have these conditions, you may want to see a doctor. Diabetes can cause gum disease, because people with low blood sugar have poor blood circulation, leaving the tissue prone to infection. Patients with acid reflex may have erosion caused by the acid, and then they develop bacterial infections in the sores that that reflux can cause. Smoking or using chewing tobacco regularly may also increase your risk of having gum disease.

The dentist in Des Moines Iowa can do deep tissue cleanings to make sure that bacterium stays out of gums, and to reduce the damages from gum disease. Gum disease is also hereditary, so some patients will develop it at an early age regardless of their oral hygiene practices. Monitoring from a dentist is the best way to deal with problems that may arise, like deteriorating gums or infection. People are going to see your gums when you smile for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you take care of them at the best of your abilities.

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