Scaling And Root Planing At The Salt Lake City Dentist

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For patients with periodontal disease, which is also known as gingivitis or gum disease, scaling and root planing is a frequently recommended treatment option by the Salt Lake City dentist. This treatment is often called a deep cleaning by many dentists and patients. It is somewhat similar to the cleaning that is done every six months by most dental patients. However, a typical cleaning does not get below the gum line. In order to get below the gum line, many patients find that they need a local anesthetic to numb the quadrant of the mouth that is being cleaned.

With scaling and root planing, the calculus and plaque that is attached to the tooth is removed with the scaling. The root planing involves making the surface of the root smooth. The root planing also gets rid of any of the remaining calculus that was not removed by the scaling.

Many people find that this procedure is a bit more uncomfortable than a regular cleaning. However, it is an important part of successfully treating gum disease.

In many cases, scaling and root planing is enough to successfully treat periodontal disease by the Salt Lake City dentist. If scaling and root planing are not enough to treat gum disease, other options are available including antibiotic medications and gum surgery.


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