Fitness Everywhere

You don’t need a gym membership to get and stay fit. Everyday activities like carrying groceries from the store to the car, or lugging fertilizer out to the garden, or just walking with friends or family all constitute solid routes to fitness. Every little bit adds up, so don’t stress that you can’t fit in a proper 3-hour gym session to reach your fitness goals.


Food is Your Friend

A healthy lifestyle begins with what you eat. People often underestimate how important it is to get just the right foods, and how far the wrong foods will go in frustrating your health and fitness goals. The wrong foods make you feel sluggish, or downright sick, while the right foods will keep you energized and focused even throughout a stressful day.


Brain Health

Your brain runs your whole operation (unless you’re starving and your stomach forces you to stop for food), so it’s important to keep it healthy and well-fed. Diet, exercise, and all your various mental pursuits contribute to your mind’s fitness. Finding a hobby to keep your mind sharp is important, so check out some of my suggestions for better mental fitness.